You've found it! This is the home of that really good and very inexpensive UK Car and Motorcycle Theory Test prep that you've been hearing about. is designed to help you PASS YOUR THEORY TEST QUICKLY and EASILY. Most of our users are ready and confident for their tests with only a few evenings' study. Some people even manage to score highly after only one day's study.

To get your driver's license, you will need to take and pass a DSA multiple choice theory test. That's the bad news. The good news is that with our system,, you can be ready for this test with only a few hours of study. It's the least expensive and best way to be ready and to put the test behind you. Don't believe us? Let us prove it to you - we provide free, functional demos which you can try right now. Want to learn more? Read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

You've probably seen competitors' Driving Theory CD-ROMs or similar tools on offer at the Post Office or book store.. Yes, they cost about the same as our offerings, but there's one big difference: QUALITY. We're so confident in our tools that we allow - nay, encourage you to try out our software and other offerings BEFORE you buy them. Our competitors, on the other hand, count on you having no such luxury with their "once you open the shrinkwrap, there's no going back" offerings. A lot of their cost goes into packaging and distribution and you'll generally find that their software is quite user-unfriendly and buggy. By selling over the internet, on the internet, we can concentrate on the quality and ease of use of the product itself. Our revision materials are based on a system that has been succesfully used to train tens of thousands of airline pilots key flight safety information quickly and effectively - and it can work for you. is a flexible and inexpensive pair of tools: You can study using just one if that suits your revision style or you can use both for best results, as many do.

  • Test Preparation PC software which you can download to and use on your PC, This allows you to generate an unlimited number of practice papers and has a number of learning and study modes to help you learn the material well.
  • MP3 Audio Theory Preparation this is a set of audio MP3s that you can download and listen to on your iPod or burn to CD. It's great for listening to whilst you're doing other things, and helps implant the material into your brain.


We want you to be happy! Even before purchase, you're welcome to try our offerings and see if they work for you!
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Q. Are these actual DSA questions?

A. Absolutely. These are the actual questions that you will see on your DSA (Driving Standards Agency) theory test. We are an authorized licensee of DSA theory prep material.

Q. But I've seen some competitor claim to be the "official" test prep?

A. That's basically a marketing gimmick. Our software uses the same, licensed, actual questions (plus have explanations written by experienced driving instructors, which most of our competitors don't!). Since it's the same questions, there is absolutely no advantage to being the "official" theory test preparation source.

Basically, there are three things that should matter to you when decising on which revision method to use:

  • Are they the actual theory test questions? YES, we offer these (as do most other test preparation vendors).
  • Are explanations provided? Or just the correct answers? Unlike most of our competitors, we offer not just the questions and answers, but explanations as well. Additionally, our explanations generally also include the relevant portions of the UK Highway Code right there so you can really understand the material "from the source" if learning that way suits you.
  • How easy and fast are the study tools? Many of our competitors offer almost unbelievably poor software that was clearly thrown together in a few days at most. Our software, on the other hand:
    • is based on a similar line of software that has been used to train thousands of airline pilots.
    • features numerous learning, revision, and simulated paper modes to adapt itself to the way you study.
    • remembers which questions you have trouble with and works to ask you those more quickly until it is confident that you are getting them.
    • features direct access to the UK highway code.
    • Includes a wealth of illustrations and
    • automatically filters car and motorcycle questions so that you study only that which you need
    • features built-in self updates so that with only a few clicks you can be sure you have the latest and greatest
    In other words, ours is a proven system that works. Don't fall for any "official" nonsense. Don't even believe what we're telling you now - try the free demos and see for yourself. In fact, only purchase our offerings if you've tried the demos and they work for you - that's how confident we are in our products.

    Don't underestimate the importance of good studying software. Our offerings are quite inexpensive as they are - but let's assume for a moment that we're actually £2 more expensive. What is that £2 worth to you? The 5 to 10 extra hours that you'd spend studying because our competitors' offerings were slow? The anxiety involved in not having explanations to the questions on-hand? The risk of test-day disappointment? Don't be penny-wise but pound foolish - our system works.

Q. What about printouts?

A. The software has plenty of printouts. You can print out the questions. You can print out result sheets to show your friends. You can even print out lists of questions in a "book" form to study from when you're away from the computer. The Audio version obviously does not have print outs. The online test prep also doesn't have printout capability built-in, though you can often print something out by taking a screenshot from your browser or using your browser's built in print commands.

Q. I don't understand - will I get a CD-ROM or anything else in the post?

A. No. The way it works is like this:

  • Software: You download the software and try it on your PC. If you like it and it works well for you, please purchase an unlock code from this website. Apply this unlock code to the software (click on "activate" from the main menu) to transform the demo version (where you will have access to only 5% or less of the questions) into the full version (where you have access to all of the available questions. There is NO CD-ROM or any other "hard copy" involved.
  • MP3 Audio: You visit the UK Driver Theory MP3 audio page and listen to the sample audio. Read the FAQ there and learn how the Mp3 audio prep works. If you like it, purchase access to the Mp3 audio. An unlock access code will be emailed to you. Return to the MP3 audio page with your email address and unlock access keycode to log in and download the MP3 audio files to your PC. If you want to make an audio CD from this for example, to listen to in your car, you can do this using your PC's CD-burner and blank CDs.

At NO point do we send anything (including CDs) to your physical mailing address. The way we offer our materials is faster, allows us to keep costs low, and is better for the environment.

Thank you for trying our UK driver theory test preparation materials!