About Our DriverTheory Software

If you want to get a UK driver's license (either car or motorcycle), you will need to first take a THEORY TEST.

The theory test is a touchscreen based test, and consists of two parts. The first part is a series of multiple choice questions and the second part is a test of your hazard perception skills.

Our software will help you prepare for the multiple choice part, and will quiz you on the actual DSA questions that you are likely to see on your actual test.

The multiple choice part is by far the harder of the two halves - it requires a fair bit of study. The other part (the hazard perception skills test) does not require significant study by most people - it's mainly there to test the hazard perception capabilities of older drivers - if you can move a mouse (as you are now!) it is highly unlikely that you will need to study for the second part (in fact, the DSA's website doesn't provide study materials for this either).

The multiple choice part consists of 50 multiple choice questions that come from a bank of over 1000 questions. In the actual test you select your answers by simply touching the screen. You need to touch the box alongside the answer or answers you think are correct. Our software will teach you from a large back of 1000 questions that is just like the DSA's bank.

Basically, spend a few nights studying with our software, then go take your theory exam at your local DSA centre. It's easy, fast, and it works.

Why is our software the best choice for you?


  1. It's INEXPENSIVE.. At £4.99 this is cheaper than any other online solution or even those CDs you find for sale at the post office (or, if you find them cheaper at the post office, it's probably because they're selling out-of-date remnants).
  2. There's NO EXPIRATION DATE. Unlike some online services that limit you to 30 days or some other arbitrary period, you can keep using our software until you're ready.
  3. You can TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT. Just download it from below, install it on your PC, and see if you like it. Much better than those CDs from the cornershop which actually generally contain pretty horrid and unusable software on them! Our software has been developed for teaching pilots and is a proven system. This is why we can afford to sell you GOOD software inexpensively.
  4. It contains CONTAINS ACTUAL, CURRENT DSA QUESTIONS broken down by car and motorcycle so you only study what you need to.
  5. Features built-in FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE.
  6. NO WAITING! Just download it and start studying! If you decide to buy it, the purchase process is FAST and IMMEDIATE. We've had people buy our software in the evening and then take and pass their tests the next day. It just works.
  7. You DON'T NEED TO BE ONLINE TO USE IT. So, for example, you can study on your laptop on the train.
  8. All CHARTS AND FIGURES you need are included.


So, what are you waiting for? Download the software from below, install it on your PC, and study right now!


We want you to be happy! Even before purchase, you're welcome to try our DriverTheory.co.uk offerings and see if they work for you!
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